We thought it would be nice to show off some of our customers bikes and our custom bike builds so have added this gallery page.

Serviced and maintained by…

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 19.55.44

Nick Crabb’s custom built Colnago Concept. Seriously nice bike.

Below is Adam’s BMC Time Machine equipped with Dura-Ace Di2 and Mavic Cosmic CX-01 wheels.



Our very own backward steering bike. This one normally only comes out to play for the annual St. John’s Hill summer festival. It is so much harder than you think!


Below is a Klein owned by a customer of ours Alex from Ideas Box. He had the frame and fork lying around and decided it was time to turn it into a bike. We fitted a Shimano Ultegra 6800 groupset, a Thomson finishing kit, and built him some custom wheels. Looks awesome…


This Genesis cyclecross bike we custom built in two stages, 953 tubing and a SRAM Red 22 Hydrolic groupset with Zipp 303 disc wheels. We last had it in to fit a new fork which really finishes it off…



This Cannondale belongs to a good customer of ours Aidan, (see the Lynsky custom build below). He bought the frameset and we stripped down his Scott and built this up. It isn’t a Di2 frame, but we found a way of hiding most of the cabling in the downtube and bottom bracket shell. It came out really clean.


This Focus wasn’t really a custom build, although it was in for a strip and rebuild service. We did however supply and fit the Zipp wheels, a 404 at the rear and a 303 up front. Looks fast. The customer completed his first Ironman in record time!


It wouldn’t be a gallery update without including a picture of the latest bike Nick has built. This is his Genesis Volare Stainless custom build with SRAM and a handbuilt wheelset. Very nice. N+1 and all that…


This C50 Colnago belongs to a good customer of ours Q. An enthusiast cyclist Q had a fleet of bikes that we help him maintain. Q bought the C50 in for a strip and rebuild, but there was also come carbon damage around the bottle cage mounts. We sent the frame off to Carbon Bike Solutions and they did a fantastic job repairing the damaged carbon section. We finished the job, polishing the frame and fork and de-greasing all of the components and it came out looking like new.



Next are a couple of pictures of a Bamboo road bike. We have seen a few of these over the years, including a few that have been made by customers at workshops. This one was a gift to a customer working in Vietnam and is the most beautiful we have seen so far…

Bamboo road bike

Bamboo road bike

Made in Vietnam

Made in Vietnam

This was a custom bike build for a customer at the start of the summer. It is an awesome Ritte frame and fork finished with Campagnolo Super Record and a pair of Mavic Ksyrium SLS wheels, a shop favorite.

Custom Ritte build

Custom Ritte build

This custom build was one of the most challenging we have had so far. It is a Lynskey Ti cross frame that we built with Shimano 6800 Di2 and hydraulic disc brakes. We were one of the first shops in the UK to order in these parts and there was almost no guidance at the time for installation so it was a bit of a learning curve. End result was awesome.

Super Custom!

Super Custom!

Next up is a Pinarello that was bought in for a service and set up. Technically not a bike build, but still a very special bike so well worth a mention. The bike belonged to Greg Henderson when he rode for Sky. It was sold to one of our customers Yorick. Lucky man. This is a proper race bike with a full Di2 groupset. Weighing in at 7.2 kilos this thing is a racing machine!

Pinarello Dogma
Unique bike
Henderson’s race machine…
Di2 groupset.

We also service another Pinarello Dogma 60.1 belonging to a good customer of ours Andrew. He has Ian Stannard’s former race bike from team Sky. Pretty special stuff having this bike in the workstand.

Stannard race bike
A proper racing setup
Serviced by TLCW

Next is another bike that should be further up the gallery page, Malcom’s Look. This is such a cool frame, one of the prettiest bikes we have built to date. Check out the photos below…

Such a pretty bike…
A Look special!

Malcom had popped in for a spoke replacement and wheel true on his Campag Neutron wheelset and as he bought the bike in we had to give it a quick wipe down and take a couple of pictures for the website. Thanks Malcom!

Next is one of Nick’s bikes, his prized Colnago Master track. He built it up at the beginning of the month after buying the frame and fork from one of our customers. It is Nick’s dream singlespeed and I’m sure the build will evolve as the year goes on, (there is already talk of changing the riser bar to a drop bar).  Check out the photos below…

Colnago Master track
Nitto riser bar and stem
Brooks Colt saddle

While we are putting up pictures of staff bikes there are a couple more bikes of Nick’s! First up is his custom built Litespeed, (frame and fork was bough from the Chris above with the Bob Jackson and Litespeed).

Custom Litespeed
Handbuilt wheels and Force groupset.

Oh, and then there is his Colnago Sport vintage road bike…

Colnago Sport
A vintage classic
Old Campag
A Brooks Swift

One of our favourite bike builds was a Colnago C59 Firefly special edition belonging to a customer called Nick. Unfortunately we forgot to take any pictures which was a real shame. However, we were in for a bit of a treat recently when we met a customer who had a steel version. He asked us to supply and fit a headset so he could hang it on his wall! See the pictures below.

Firefly special edition
Awesome paint job
Record Headset, of course!
“For Those Who Suffer We Ride”


Shimano’s excellent Di2 groupset has been around for a while now. And while many new frames are coming with an option for the appropriate Di2 wire routing, many people are wanting to retro fit electronic shifting to their current frame. We here at The London Cycle Workshop recently supplied and fitted a Shimano Di2 Ultegra groupset to a Giant TCR Advanced. It actually belongs to our occasional member of staff Dave.

In the workstand

Di2 groupset with Rotor chainset

Great hoods on the Di2

We have had a very special and unique bike in this week. A classic vintage Hetchins with the curly stays. The customer Richard wanted it converted from a single speed setup into something with gears. We suggested a Sturmey Archer 3 speed rear hub with a bar end shifter. We went to town with the finishing touches, Brooks leather bar tape and coloured cabling. It came out real nice. See the pictures below.

Below are a few pictures of a Pinarello Prince we built for Wes. It is a proper race frame and with Super Record and some awesome Mavic wheels it was a very special bike build…

And now a London Cycle Workshop custom build.

David got in touch regarding us building him a custom commuting bike based on a Surly Steamroller. We here are big fans of Surly, having built a few custom bikes on their frames before, (scroll back up). We were very happy to help and get involved in this build and the results were sweet, an excellent, solid bike.

Great bike


And then there was Russell’s Guerciotti restoration project. Very pretty bike. His one is the blue one, just after we had another custom build on an orange one…



And now back to the future with a Serotta build. This was a great bike to ride, so stiff and positive, not to mention good looking!

Next is Ian’s Guru. Not technically a bike build, although last time we serviced it it was a full strip down so almost the same thing! We did convert it from drop bar to TT, and now it looks seriously fast!


Back to The London Cycle Workshop bike builds, next up is Paul’s Planet X. After a slight altercation with a concrete post Paul needed a new frame for his bike. Step up Planet X with a RT57 frame. We swapped the groupset from the old bike to the new, gave it a good service and set it up for Paul.

We recently built an awesome bike for a friend of ours and of the shop. Rick had a few ideas and requirements for his next bike but there didn’t appear to be a bike on the market that fitted the bill. I suggested that we at The London Cycle Workshop could build a bike for him instead and that’s what we did. We bought a frame and fork from Brixton Cycles and sourced the rest of the parts through the shop. Really enjoyed this build and Rick is happy which is all good. Especially as he is the landlord of our local pub The Beehive! (Special thanks to Rob and George for the lift over to Brixton and back – cheers guys, we owe you a pint, not you though George!!)

Shimano Alfine 8 speed rear hub
Matching Brooks grips and saddle
PDW wooden topped rack, nice finishing touch
Next for the gallery are a few pictures that should be further up the page. We built the Litespeed below for a good customer of ours Chris almost a year ago but lost the photos we took. He came in recently for us to service his beautiful Bob Jackson recently and popped back in for a quick job on the road bike so we took the opportunity to take a few fresh snaps.
Chris’s Litespeed
Nice top view
Front view

There you go Chris, sorry for the delay! (Not sure what’s going on with the captions though…)

January has come and funnily enough the newest build of the year is a beautiful Bob Jackson for the very same Chris that we built the Litespeed above for! Chris wanted to build up a winter training bike so he could give the Litespeed a rest. The Bob Jackson frame, not suprisingly, is very pretty. Chris bought an Ultegra groupset as he uses Shimano on the Litespeed, and Mavic wheels. Full fitting SKS mudguards are the perfect finishing touch for a proper steel framed winter bike. Quite a collection of bikes you have there Chris!

Side profile, nice looking Bob
Bob Jackson winter bike


Although we do not sell bikes here at The London Cycle Workshop we have become a Cinelli dealer which was so exciting we rushed out and bought ourselves framesets! Cinelli is an Italian bike and componentry company based in Milan, Italy. Founded in 1948 by Cino Cinelli a professional road racer, the company is renowned as one of the finest in the industry. So pretty!

Nick’s Cinelli Mash

Nick’s Cinelli Mash

Simon’s Cinelli Vigorelli

Simon’s Cinelli Vigorelli

The Smile of the Bottom Bracket of the Cinelli Vigorelli!!!


Below is a bike we built for James Norris. It was a bit of a dream build, James had been collecting the parts for it for a while. We helped source a few of the final parts and put it together for him. What a pretty bike.

Below is Simon Hilliers beautiful Coppi. This really is a special bike and Simon has been painstakingly building it as a new commuting machine. He found the frame and fork, and many other parts at the Hungarian site MatuzMaster which has an amazing range of hard to find frames, forks and componentry. Click the link to check it out. Thanks for the pics Simon, the third was too big for me to upload, the max seems to be 2MB.

Next is John Humans classic Gazelle which he has recently had resprayed at Bob Jackson. He bought it to us to strip and rebuild. The paint job is one of the finest I’ve seen and the attention to detail is amazing, from the quality of the paint down to the lug lining. Check out the pictures he sent me below. Thanks John.

Below are a couple of pictures of a classic Carlton frame that we had at the shop that Nick built up out of his spares box. She’s a dreamer!

Carlton front picture

Carlton rear picture

Nick recently rebuilt the Carlton with gears, (down tube shifter), mudguards and a pannier rack for Winter cycling! See the very artistic picture below…

Nick’s Carlton with gears

Below is Dave’s Planet X. Dave is a service customer of ours with a very nice collection of bikes. Below is his ‘winter bike’, a lightweight Planet X which we had just fitted a Campag Record groupset to. Very nice. When not cycling, Dave runs the Rose and Crown in Clapham Old Town.

Dave’s Planet X

Below are a couple of pictures of Dave Germain’s Colnago Master after we gave it a full strip down service and supplied and fitted a Campag Veloce groupset. Pretty bike.

Dave Germain’s Colnago Master


Dave Germain’s Colnago Master

Below is an awesome Canyon we built for Mike. It is the first of these frames we had seen in the shop and we were very impressed with the build quality and the low weight.

Mike Brewer’s first Canyon!

Mike Brewer’s first Canyon!

However, Mike did not have a good August and had a bit of a crash in Richmond park, damaging the carbon fibre chainstays effectively writing the frame off. Bad work. But, Mike bought another Canyon frame through their crash replacement scheme and the second bike is pictured below with a new pair of Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR wheels. Very nice. (The London Cycle Workshop is now a Mavic dealer).

Mike’s Canyon mark II!

Mike’s Canyon mark II!

Below is a special project we helped complete for a customer of ours, Jim. Jim decided he wanted to restore a Rossin road frame and really put 100% into the project. He had the frame and fork sprayed and sourced the original decals to ensure the end result was as true as possible to the original. Pics below. More can be found on his dedicated blog. (He’s not really trying to sell it by the way…)

Finished Rossin build

Attention to detail

Below is a mountain bike build we helped finish for James. He did most of the assembly himself with us doing some of the bigger jobs, (such as bottom bracket facing and thread chasing, and headset fitting). We then gave it a final service to get it really tuned. Very nice build.



Here is a very fetching picture of our friend and customer Will, or Super Cycling Will as he likes to be called.

Will’s Sunday lycra was a bit too contraversial for Richmond Park…

And below is a rare picture of Will performing a little light maintenance on his bike before a Sunday ride…

Gently, gently…

On a more serious note, Will rode from Tooting to Turkey to raise money for World Cancer Research and Parkinsons UK. He is making a final push for donation to break the magic five thousand pound mark. If you can help please follow this link to his website.


Below are some pictures of a build we completed last week. It is a classic Vitus frameset belonging to a customer of ours called Peter. He has had the frameset for a few years now and decided it was finally time to get it built up. He had most of the parts already sourcing the last of the groupset from Hilary Stone. We mocked up the bike to get a rolling chassis so to speak, and then Peter came in to give it a try. He decided on a classic drop bar after considering a couple of options and we went from there. It is a fantastic bike and was a real pleasure to build and see it complete. We hope you enjoy riding it Peter!

Vitus side view

Check out the 600 levers

Very unique frame

Top view

Right, quick update with some December builds. We thought this would be a quiet month but actually we have been busy as ever. Below are a few of the bike builds from December…

The awesome Surly Troll

Above is a picture of Paul’s Surly Troll. It was a frame swap after Paul cracked his old trusty Cannondale. Paul is a keen cyclist, this is one of three bikes and is used for fun and commuting. Surly make great frames and we were really impressed with the design and build quality.

Zam bikes

Zam bikes

Above are pictures of Liam’s bamboo bike! This is perhaps the fourth we have seen in the shop and is by far the prettiest. It is handbuilt in Zambia by Zam bikes, (website here). The frame has been produced to take derailleur gears with full cable routing for both gears and brakes. It also has horizontal rear drop outs so we built it up as a single speed.

Custom Guru

Above and below are pictures of the recent frame swap we did for Luke from a Cervelo to a custom steel Guru. The Cervelo was a nice bike, but the Guru was something else, a real thing of beauty. Check out the botto picture of the rear dropout for instance, there is real attention to detail in the design and manufactuer. Nice bike.

Cervelo frame

Guru frame

Guru dropout

New bike builds from February. Although this is probably one of the quieter months for the cycle trade, we here at The London Cycle Workshop have been keeping busy carrying our a variety of services and repairs. We have also had our share of custom builds. The first one is a Felt AR1 that a local customer of ours asked us to build. Tim had completely fallen for this AR1 frame so we built it up by transferring his Ultegra groupset from his previous bike. We also supplied some Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels, (some of our favorites), and used his bar stem combo. Tim still needs to decide on the stem height so we can cut down the steerer tube, but it looks awesome! Pictured is one of our Selle Italia test saddles, available free of cost to demo.

Custom Felt

Custom Felt

Selle Italia demo saddle

Ksyrium SL wheels

Internal cabling was fun!