Brexit shockwaves, historic lows for the Pound and the cost of living in London. We need to talk about prices…

This humble website is not a place for political discourse and discussion, but the impacts of Brexit are causing regrettable increases in some prices due to the recent adverse moves in exchange rates.

In an industry where most goods are imported from Europe, the USA and the Far East, a weaker pound is causing our distribution partners to raise prices … immediately for some fast moving goods and from the 1st of August 2016 at the latest for the rest. In time these fluctuations will no doubt stabilize, and prices may then fall. both for us and for our customers.

As an independent high street business, we aim to set fair prices based on the supplier’s RRP. As with many retail purchases, customers always have the choice to seek cheaper online prices. As a small shop the RRP allows us to cover our many business overheads such as rent, rates, utilities, insurance, tax and the essential cost of recruiting and retaining the best staff. We need to offer fair pay to our employees to retain the best staff, recruit new talent, and ensure we keep pace with the cost of living in London.

We are making a small increase in workshop labour rates, which have remained pretty much unchanged since we started out in November 2009.  It has been a long-standing ambition for us to become an authenticated payer of the ‘London Living Wage’. No later than the beginning of 2017 we are going to do just that.

We pride ourselves in continuing to offer excellent customer service along with a fair approach to prices, and that will never change.

As always, we cannot thank you all enough for supporting our two local bike shops in St John’s Hill and Hammersmith. You give us great reviews and we all appreciate your support.