November 20th 2015.

2015 has been a busy year at The London Cycle Workshop. Attempting to expand to a second location with a new shop had been on the cards for some time, but actually doing it was tougher than we had anticipated. All the staff worked exceptionally hard at St John’s Hill to keep the pace of another busy year while at the same time we expanded the team and put our DIY skills to the test to fit out the King’s Street shop. It has been a labour of love, financed through hard work and savings.

The customers have been great, some of the best. All of the staff at The London Cycle Workshop share the same passion for bikes and cycling, repairing and mending, helping and offering honest advice. We do our best to work to the highest standards when we work on our customers bikes. In return the loyalty and praise our customers bestow upon us is touching.

The 20th of November is an important date in our diary. It is the date that back in 2009, we signed the lease for 125 St John’s Hill. It was such an exciting day. As soon as we had the keys, friends and family were by our sides stripping out the shop that afternoon. It wasn’t long until we opened, there was snow on the ground and the shop looked, to be kind, a bit amateur with almost no stock. But there was a set of tools and a bundle of enthusiasm, and on day one a customer bought a bike in for a service.

Today is the sixth anniversary of the beginning of The London Cycle Workshop. Much has changed in that time, there are now two shops with 10 mouths to feed. There has been a lot of hard work on our part, and a huge amount of support from customers, fellow small business owners, our book keepers and accountants, our suppliers, our supporters and champions, our friends, our family and our fellow cyclists. Thank you all, so very much, we couldn’t do it without you.