Summer 2014

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How it is mid August I have no idea. While sat writing this on a Sunday afternoon the London-Surry classic is on the TV in the background. I remember watching the coverage last year, and somehow a year has passed.

What’s new… Well the shop has been moving from strength to strength. Come November we will be celebrating five years of The London Cycle Workshop on St. Johns Hill. It never escapes me thinking of this that this has only been made possible with the hard work of all of the staff, and the support of our customers.

We have as always been adding more and more to the shop floor in the way of parts and accessories. We stopped selling clothing, as we never really had enough space for a decent range, and have instead produced our own shop cycling kit, (pictures to follow). Taking delivery from the supplier Endura was a moment of real pride. With clothing gone we have expanded our range of helmets, saddles, lights, locks, energy products, pedals and pannier racks / pannier bags to name just a few. We have good stock of the products we have hand picked from dozens of different brands and suppliers. Please ask for help and advice, and remember, if you buy our accessories, (including tyres), we will fit them for free.

The workshop has been amazingly busy, and we are often working on three or even four workstands at once! We always invest in the workshop and the workshop tools and facilities to keep up to date with all of the new products and developments the bike trade comes up with, and the variety of work always keeps the job interesting. We still don’t run a diary or appointment system, opting to complete small jobs on the spot and taking in servicing work as it comes through the door. Its flexible, and seems to work well.

Right, enough for now. Thanks for visiting The London Cycle Workshop website. I have also added a few new pictures to the gallery.