Summer is over and Autumn is here…

And that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Yes the Summer is a happy season, with people smiling and enjoying the sunshine, but there’s a lot to be said for cycling in the Autumn. The roads aren’t as crowded, the parks empty out, and there are still plenty of Autumn cycling events to be enjoyed, (

In fact, equip yourself with the correct gear, cycling in the Autumn and through the winter can be a pleasure rather than a chore. A bright light is a must and we have a great new range for the 2013 season from Cateye, Smart and Luu. Rechargeable lights are getting better and better, and if you want to keep up the Winter training a real must. And if you do intend to partake in any cycling events and need to stock up on energy for the ride, we have now added GU to our ever expanding range.

LUU lights

Starting at 380 Lumens, LUU lights have a nifty quarter turn mount, (like Garmin), and a battery light up to 8 hours constant. Demo available soon.

After a decent set of lights, mudguards are your next practical accessory. A proper set of 3/4 length mudguards, (if your frame allows), will keep you, and those riding behind you, nice and dry. Or as dry as possible anyhoo. We stock mainly SKS mudguards including the excellent Raceblade Longs for those with minute mudguard clearance. And if you buy them from the shop, we will fit them for free. While you wait. Job done.

My Bob Jackson town bike.

My Bob Jackson town bike with Chromoplastic mudguards from SKS, ready for Winter.

It is also woth checking the condition of your tyres this time of year. With more wet weather in the air, and on the roads, chances of a puncture increase. When the roads are wet, all of the nasty sharp bit of flint and glass in the road wash into the gutters, where you ride. So make sure your tyres have plenty of good rubber left, and are properly inflated, (you are always welcome to stop by and use one of our track pumps to top them up). We stock mainly tyres from Schwalbe and Continental, and have a wide range of suitable puncture resistant models that should get you through Winter with the least amount of hassle.

Snow tyres!!!

Winter clothing and gloves. Some of the hardest items of stock to decide upon for a small shop. No matter how broad a range you have to offer, it will never quite cover all of the requests you receive! This year however, we have more than ever. We have stocked some Mavic winter clothing,  alongside a growing range from Altura for practical day to day wear for the urban cycle commuter, including the classic Night Vision jacket. Choosing gloves is probably one of the trickiest, so this year we have a range of four or five long finger gloves, from light weight gloves from DeFeet, windstopper gloves from Shimano, and the classic Night Vision waterproof for the coldest of days.

Enough about shop stock, the most important news by far is in the workshop. It’s been four long years of waiting, but finally we have taken delivery of one of my most sought after tools. A pillar drill. The tool buying obsession has been as continuous as ever, however we are running out of practical bike tools to buy. Most tools we have in duplicate and even triplicate. We have a full range of the larger frame tools, and the hardware to update electronic groupsets. We have pliers, screwdrivers, spanners and allen keys awash, and a selection of cunning tools not often seen in a bike shop. We have extractors and removers that have been custom made for the job and imported from abroad. We have grinders and polishers, cutters and reamers. And now, after a long wait, the pillar drill has arrived…

Pillar Drill

Pillar Drill