Super Cycling Man and the Super Badger

Hello and welcome to the new look website of The London Cycle Workshop!

Not much has really changed, and it is ver much still work in progress, but after a long and frustrating period of neglect, the website is now back up and running and most importantly, current. Without launching into a long and boring story, the short version is we were having real problems with wordpress which have now been resolved.

Website updates…

All of the pages have been updated, or are in the process of being updated. The Workshop page has been updated with our current price list and some new pictures of the website. The bike box hire page has been updated to show our new fleet of bike boxes from Bike Box Alan, the contact page now had a nice new Google map showing our location, the links page is ever expanding, and soon the gallery page will show the most recent pictures at the top, rather than at the bottom!!!

Super Cycling Will.

The main news coming out of The London Cycle Workshop is from our sponsored cyclist Will Hodsen. Under the guise of Super Cycling Man, Will is attempting to be the first person to cycle 30,000 km around the globe dressed in a superhero costume. To read more about his adventure, please visit his website by clicking here.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 15.58.53


More to come very soon, so check back soon…