Time for a February update…

Where to start this month…

Actually, something does spring to mind. Our telephone. Now, don’t get me started or I will be moaning and winging for hours and hours, but last month we took the decision to move our phone line and internet back to BT. We did this in the hope of better customer service and a slight monthly saving. The engineer came out and completed the physical line swap on Wednesday the 8th and since then BT has messed up the order and we have been unable to receive incoming phonecalls. We can make calls, but not receive them. You can ring us, and it will sound like it is ringing as normal, but this end nothing is happening. It has been a whole week now.

We are, of course, extremely sorry to all of our customers who have tried to phone us to no avail. What can we say apart from blame BT. I am livid and am still waiting for an apology. In the meantime, keep in mind that we are open as usual and still able to receive e-mail. I will update the website when this situation changes.

On a lighter note…

We have been working hard as usual on all of the bikes we have to service and repair. At the same time we are also trying to finish off some of the shop improvements. New for this month are the bike hoops we have added to the shop floor making it easier than ever to come into the shop with your bike. They are such a practical addition we should have added them a long time ago. We have had really good feedback from customers so far, let us know what you think.

Probably the only time this Pinarello gets lent up against bike hoops!!!

Brooks saddles. One of our favorite items in the shop. Handmade in a British factory, by British workers, using British leather. Since 1866. We all have Brooks saddles. They are like an old friend. And they are pretty, really pretty. We have decided to keep in stock more of the Brooks range in a push to become a dealer of excellence. This means we now have a greater selection on display along with more Brooks accessories.Check out their website here.

Brooks in the cabinet

Sprinter Limited Edition, (1057 or 1925)!

To all the customers who ask which sportives we will be riding this year… Nick and Simon have signed up to the New Forest Spring Sportive to kick start the year, well as it is on Sunday the 15th of April it is kick starting Spring really! If any of you would like to join us there is still loads of time to sign up, check out the info on the UKcyclingevents website by clicking here. Right, now we better get some training in!!!

Ignore the Wiggle logo!!!

Well, that is probably all for now, apart from to mention that we have updated the gallery page with a load of new custom bike builds and staff bike pictures, the workshop page has a new wheel building feature, and the links page has had an update too. Any questions, comments or general feedback please feel free to get in touch. And as usual, a big thank you to all of our customers for their on-going support, without you we couldn’t keep getting better and better!!!