Spring is on its way…

Time for an update as to what is going on here at The London Cycle Workshop. It has been a busy start to March and as always we have lots of news to tell…

The Workshop.

The workshop has been busier and busier for servicing and repairs, especially as Spring is in the air. We at The London Cycle Workshop have been stocking up on all sorts of spares from brake pads to chainsets, from bottom brackets to spokes. There are so many spare parts for bicycles that having them all in stock in the shop is almost impossible, no matter how big a shop you have, but we are trying our best to increase our stock to ensure that repairs can be turned round in the shortest amount of time possible.

We have noticed that a certian local shop with a yellow shop front has recently lowered its general service price to £45 with big posters in the window. What a coinciedence that that happens to be our general service price! How funny it is that a small newly opened independent cycle repair shop can have such a local influence in keeping service prices at a reasonable cost! We commend their efforts!


We here at The London Cycle Workshop now have accounts with all of the biggest suppliers of bicycle parts and accessories in the industry. Although we are a small local independent shop we can get hold of almost everything the bigger shops can, at the same price if not better! With possibly tens of thousands parts and accessories available for bicycles we are tyring our best to pick the most relevant, top quality and best value to keep in stock in the shop. With each week that passes by comes at least one or two new product lines in stock, with many more to come. It is a tricky task to pick and choose the products we stock and we appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have.

New Products In Stock.

Over the last couple of weeks we have taken delivery of many, many new products. We now have an excellent selection of Met helmets in stock including the top rated Estro, widely regarded as one of the best ventilated road helmets on the market. Our mudguard selection from SKS now has a mudguard to fit almost all manor of bicycle including the excellent Raceguard which has new toolless mounting brackets. Speaking of tools we are now selling a range of tools made by Park Tools. Park made a fantastic range of tools for cycle maintenance and are used in the workshop of many a professional bike mechanic. We use them in our workshop and are a big fan of the high quality and thought out designs.

We are sporting a growing range of Shimano spare parts for both road and mountain bikes and hope soon to add a number of Campagnolo parts too. We have stocked up on quality Sold Secure locks from both OnGuard and Kriptonite covering a range of secure D-Locks in different sizes and at different price points to cater for a wide range of security needs. With cycle theff in London one of the highest rates of any city in the world a good quality lock is a must for the London cyclist, (a sorry state of affairs really). Other new produsts include Mule Energy Bars, Apple Strudel & Pinacolada flavours, which are made of 100% natural ingredients, support 1% for the planet and are actually very tasty! We also have expanded our range of Schwalbe tyres including the Marathon Plus which is arguably one of the best on the market for the London commuter. We sell them for the recommended retail price of £29 each and offer them for £50 a pair, or £60 a pair fitted. We dare to say these are the best prices in London. Prove us wrong!

Opening Hours.

Our opening hours from Monday to Friday remain the same, 0700 to 1900, (despite a couple of slightly later starts – sorry Mr. Jenkins). The early start and late finish seem to be popular with our customers with 0700 to 0900 and from 1700 to 1900 often proving to be our busiest time of day. Sunday will also remain the same with us opening from 1000 to 1600, it is Sunday afterall! Saturday has changed though. Previously we opened 1000 to 1600 but have decided to extend the hours to 1000 to 1800. We toyed with the idea of opening at 0900 but have decided to stick to 1000 officially, although from time to time you will see us open by 0900, (it depends what Friday night has bought)!

Any Other Business…

As usual a big thank you to all of our customers for coming into the shop to say hello. We recieve many complimentary comments regarding the shop which really does mean a lot. It makes all the hard work, both shop fitting, stocking the shelves and turning round the increasing number of workshop jobs all the more worthwhile.

Please do keep checking the website for updates, the more the website is viewed the more it spurs us on to keep it up to date. Watch this space for new features and some up to date photographs of what’s going on here at The London Cycle Workshop.

A special thank you to Ben Thomson’s CycleWorx in Wandsworth for helping us here at The London Cycle Workshop when we have been caught short for random parts.  Ben is a very talented highly skilled bike mechanic, one of the very best in London and is a valuable source of advice to his many customers. Thanks Ben!

More and more people asking about cycle maintenance courses. Check the Workshop page for more info.

And finally, if you have any thoughts or comments regarding The London Cycle Workshop please feel free to comment on these posts. All you have to do is click on the title of the post, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the comments box . You don’t have to suscribe, become a member, include contact details, hand over credit card numbers,  fill in an on-line questionnaire, take a test, sign up for a newsletter, be bombarded with junk mail and spam, tell me your date of birth, shoe size, eye colour or favorite pudding. All you have to do is write a few words to tell us what you think. We appreciate the feedback and will publish all the comments.

Lastly a request. This website is produced using WordPress. We here at The London Cycle Workshop are big fans of WordPress but at the same time are new to using it. We want to add a certain something to the site but don’t know enough about WordPress to make it happen. If anyone is a WordPress Wizz and could help please get in touch!